ShantzTodayChanger 1.52

Rotate your today screen themes


  • Requires no installation
  • Set the precise rotation interval


  • Not many settings to tinker with


If you're the sort of person who gets bored of staring at the same screen on your mobile device then ShantzTodayChanger could be your saviour from boredom.

The simple program lets you rotate the themes and background images on your today screen. What I loved is that you can set the rotation frequency yourself to the second.

The app requires no installation, as you simple copy the start-up file into a folder on your PPC. As far as options go, you're pretty much limited to just changing the frequency of displayed images, but overall ShantzTodayChanger is the perfect andedote to mobile boredom.

This small tool will cycle your today background or theme after a set interval of time. In order to use the program you should make a folder on your device (preferably not on storage card) and extract the ShantzTodayChanger.

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ShantzTodayChanger 1.52

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